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Safari holidays in africa

Join a Safari Holiday in Africa

Safari Holidays in Africa which is just incredible, we Discover Africa it is the Best Place For Safari holidays for every tourist and traveler all over the World. Africa who have incredible sights with full of soaring sands. Experience this safari Trip to Africa with many Wonders. It has majestic landscapes, phenomenal wildlife, amazing coastlines, and wonderfully warm. We have to Build the most memory and finest Safari holidays in Africa and Safari Trip to Africa throughout this magnificent continent.

African Safari

African Safari,Safari holidays in africa
African Safari

Safari holidays in Africa would be a complete trip with living with the Wild Animals. It has Ultimate Viewing wildlife holidays. Safari holidays in Africa would be an amazing experience and unforgettable safari Trip to Africa with kings of the wild. Africa holds one of the world’s most exotic wildlife, including the “Big Five” Lions, elephants, leopard, giraffe, African Buffalo and rhinoceros.

It is world’s second largest continent, you can find something to suit everyone taste with its sweeping views of breathtaking natural beauty and diversity with full of contrasts. Your Safari holidays in Africa is sure to be unforgettable. you will get a very different side of Africa compared to rest of the other continent.

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When to go to Africa

There will never a bad time to visit Africa for your Safari holidays in Africa, Weather varies from one Country to Another Country. Africa has different climate zone but it is dry in summer which makes wildlife at that time excellent. After all, temperatures can exceed 104 degrees F during the hottest seasons in Summer. The climate change with the season, when you go may determine where you are going.

Safest places to visit in Africa

The ideal country for your Safari holidays in Africa trip and adventure will depend on what you are doing, which we are happy to discuss with you.

South Africa- If you want a adventures safari and other interests, you cannot beat South Africa. South Africa combines with European and African flair.

Egypt- This Country Link with northeast Africa with the middle east. It is the Cradle of Western civilization. Egypt is a year-round destination

Tanzania- Tanzania is the most first-time visitors go, it is great for beach and safari.

Botswana- The ultimate luxurious and crowds safari country in East Africa. It’s where to go to Africa for close wildlife experiences.

Namibia- In Namibia you can climb the highest sand dunes in the world in Namibia. It is one of the best places to go in Africa.

Zambia- Zambia, and Zimbabwe these two Countries to see Victoria Fall and one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

Morocco- Morocco is the famous Spice market and biggest square in Africa. It Offers Different kinds of Experience, You can experience a camel trek tour in The Sahara Desert

Kenya- Kenya the most Classic adventure and safari destination with full of action pack.

Famous Safaris

Safari holidays in africa
Safari holidays in Africa

Where to Start your safari, there’s so much to choose from when assuming an African Safari, with different Countries and so many safari parks with a very huge variety of wildlife, activities, destination and many more safari experiences the option are almost endless of Safari holidays in Africa.

  1. Family Safari
  2. Fly in Safari
  3. Honeymoons Safari
  4. Walking Safari
  5. Safari and Beach
  6. Balloon Safari
  7. Gorilla Trekking

Family Safari

Family Safari, Safari holidays in africa
Family Safari

In family Safari holidays in Africa Children are the member who loves safari the most. They are so Excited to see their favorite wildlife animals up so close, Whatever their age is, the whole family thrilled to watch a lioness family with cute and small cubes relaxed in the evening sun. By watching Giant Elephant right in front of you is something that you will never forget. But take care of your children on safari requires expertise, plan and take to give your family a safari holiday of a lifetime.

In Safari holidays in Africa, you could always opt for a personal travel expert guide and private safari vehicles that just for you and your family.

Fly in Safari

Family Safari, Safari holidays in africa
Fly in Safari

A fly-in safari makes use of light aircraft to transfer you between locations within a safari destination, saving your time moving between attractions so that you can see more on your Safari holidays in Africa. The best things about flying in Safari that it explore one location to another location with the very short period of time and gives the same Experience. But I think this is not the best way to explore Africa and make Safari holidays in Africa. A light aircraft Safari is the easiest way to get around from the Sky.

Honeymoons Safari South Africa

Honeymoons Safari,Safari holidays in Africa
Honeymoons Safari

Africa Honeymoons Safari is an incredibly famous honeymoon destination for Safari holidays in Africa. The most Romantic lodges and resorts areas are in Africa. This will be an unforgettable, unbeatable honeymoon. Couples can enjoy fun-filled adventure activities like white water rafting and elephant back safari and sip cocktails on the beach or lodge. They stay in luxury lodges with so many surprising plans.

Walking Safari

Walking Safari, Safari holidays in Africa
Walking Safari

For safari purist and beauty nature lovers there is nothing amazing than doing a walking safari in Africa and you can experience the real sounds, smell and sights of the wildlife animals up so close. The best walking safari is in Zambia’s South Luangwa and lower river valley in Zambia one more another destination that is good walking safari is in Namibia. Safe for children is, of course, mandatory and children are not allowed on walking safaris. This will be the most amazing and experience safari holidays in Africa.

Safari and Beach

Safari and Beach, Safari holidays in Africa
Safari and Beach

This Safari holidays in Africa will be your memorable and unique holiday if you combine wildlife viewing adventure with the relaxing and outstanding beach stay. If You are looking family resorts, boutique romantic honeymoons lodge or the ultimate beach, South Africa has many beautiful and amazing coastline and something for everyone. The idyllic Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and the Seychelles play host to some of the world’s best beaches in South Africa. This Combination makes fantastic honeymoon ideas.

Balloon Safari

Balloon Safari, Safari holidays in Africa
Balloon Safari

Hot air balloon Safari is a wonderful adventure for your Safari holidays in Africa. It is a thrill of watching the balloon inflate, balloons adventure safari takes places at morning. Hot air balloon safari in South Africa which is controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority. As a passenger in hot air balloon you need to fit and fine enough to stand for the duration of the flight at least 1 hour. In the Pilanesberg National Park, you can also spot some game from the air. gauteng has many popular ballooning sites, including  Magaliesberg Mountains, Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site and Cullinan’s secret valleys. This journey will make the perfect end to an extraordinary and serene safari experience in South Africa.



  • Hot Air Ballooning S.Africa
    Tel: +27 (0)11 802 4318
  • Oudtshoorn Ballooning
    Tel: +27 (0)82 784 8539
  • Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris
    Tel: +27 (0)11 705 3201
  • Wineland Ballooning
    Tel:+27 (0)21 863 3192
  • Air to Africa
    Tel: +27 (0)84 602 3491
  • Airtrackers
    Tel: +27 (0)14 552 1343
  • Life Ballooning
    Tel: +27 (0)76 778 7976
  • Air-Ventures
    Tel: +27 (0)83 356 2345


The cost of a hot-air balloon tour ranges from about R2 000 to R4 000 for each individual for a 1-hour flight. Packages starting from R7 000 for each individual, including your flight, accommodation, and transfers, are also available.


Flights are usually last one hour, but allow 3 to 4 hours for the entire excursion.


A camera, or video camera, binoculars, warm clothing, sunscreen, and a hat.


Many operators include a champagne breakfast in the flight cost.

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking, Safari holidays in Africa
Gorilla Trekking

A unique Gorilla trekking ranks one of the absolute highlights trips to Africa for most of the Travellers, these mountain gorillas are one of the world’s most endangered apes. It is assessed that there are just around 880 left all through the World. They have a variety of individual tours in Uganda and Rwanda ranging from three to seventeen days. Throughout this gorilla safari, you can stay some of the beautiful resort and lodges in the region.

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South Africa Safari Lodges

Safari Lodges
Safari Lodges
  1. Imbali Safari Lodge
  2. Sanctuary Makanyane Luxury Safari Lodge
  3. Africa Safari Lodges
  4. Giraffe Manor
  5. Old Mondoro Bush

Things To Do in Africa

  1. Safaris
  2. Nature Tours
  3. Wildlife Tours
  4. Eco Tours
  5. Adrenaline Tours
  6. Extreme Tours
  7. Boat Tours
  8. Horseback Riding Tours
  9. Kayaking and Canoeing
  10. 4WD, ATV, and Off-Road Tours
  11. Balloon Rides
  12. Climbing Tours
  13. Dolphin and Whale Watching
  14. Shark Diving
  15. Water Sports and many more…….


In this above Article, we explained about Safari holidays in africa. If you plan a safari Trip with your family, Africa is the most iconic and incredible Place for Safari. Describe when to go and where to go in Africa and some popular safaris in Africa. So, Here you can enjoy your Safari trip with many wonders and also some interesting safari for the Honeymoon Couples. Plan your Safari holidays in Africa and Enjoy your trip and make it unforgettable with Wildlifes and views of breathtaking natural Beauty and Diversity.

If you like this Article let us know your view in the comment below and doesn’t forget to share, we’d love to hear your suggestion on which Safari holidays in Africa you liked the most.

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