Holi in India | Holi Festival 2019

Holi in India

Holi in India is the joyful and dramatic Festival of Colours. Holi hindu festival in India has quickly gained global attention and is now celebrated all around the world. But, the fact remains, absolutely nothing celebrating this colorful festival and truly unforgettable occasion in its original birthplace on India.

Every year, at the beginning of spring seasons in India, is the holi festival. In India celebrate the holi festival with more spirit than Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. We hope that along with this amazing occasion, your life too will be filled with a variety of beautiful colors. When Holi is celebrated, bright colors and joy and happiness soak each and every corner of the state and bring much joy to the lives of the people. In fact, the Indian festival must be a part of the tour to India.

You’ll find numerous activities taking place almost all over in India and now outside India also, they range from traditional temple rituals to modern parties with DJs, bhang, kind of drinks, and plenty of colors.

Celebration of Holi

Holi Color
Holi Color

Holi is a vibrant, energetic and multi-color 2-day festival celebration of love, color, and fertility that takes place every year in February or March. Not only does it mark the official arrival of spring, but it also commemorates the enduring love between Lord Krishna and his love Radha. Holi is ancient, cultural, religious, and famous festivals that celebrate in March in India, it is a festival of colors, it’s a Hindu spring festival. The celebration of holi is the victory of good over evil.

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Holika Dahan Story

Holika Dahan
Holika Dahan

Mythology plays a very interesting and important part in narrating the festival of Holi in India. The most famous and popular stories of Holi origin relates to “Holika Dahan” and Legend of Lord Radha-Krishan. Holi in India is the tradition of ‘Holika Dahan’, which is actually lighting of bonfires. It is a symbol of win of good over evil and has its root in the legend of demon king Hiranyakashyap who wish to end his son, Prahlad’s life with the help of his sister “Holika”. She burnt in the burning of fir and no harm occurred to Prahlad. Since that day is holi celebrating in a victory of good over bad in India.

When is Holi Celebrated

The day after the full moon in each year, the timing of Holi in India is change with the moon, it means the dates of celebrations differ each year, depending on the lunar cycles. This year, the Holi in India Festival will take place between the 20th and 21st of March 2019, with Holika Dahan on March 20.

Where is Holi Celebrated

Holi in India is celebrating where there are bulk devotees of Lord Radha and Krishna. Holi in India celebrations is the biggest and famous at Mathura and Vrindavan, about four hours from Delhi, where Lord Krishna is believed to have grown up. In the southern part of India, which is more focused on religion and temple rituals. Holi in India, the spring festival of the Hindus is observed in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and other countries which have large Hindu diaspora. The few of such countries are South Africa, UK, USA, Mauritius, and Fiji and many more.

How is Holi Celebrated

Holi Hai
Holi Hai

The best part about the celebration of Holi festival is that in the night before Holi, people gather on the streets and parks. Holi in India is a festival of Love. If you are planning a tour to India around March, it is an amazing opportunity to join and see this colorful celebration with Your family or Friends. Bhang (a paste made from cannabis plants) is also traditionally consumed as part of the holi celebrations. People sing Songs (Phag, Jogira etc.) with Dhol, Manjira and other Indian traditional instruments. Bunch of people will together to sing, dance to the drums. The next day is called “Rangwali Holi.” This is the day when the streets will turn in to a colorful carnival, as people throw colorful powder in the air.

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Holi in India

Indian Holi
Indian Holi

Holi in India is one of the oldest festivals in Indian Culture. There are many interesting stories with this holi in India festival, different states from north to south and east to west celebrate this holi in India. They throw different dry colors and water balloons which is full of watercolor. Every people they alike delight in this ancient playful practice and will sing and dance in classic Bollywood music. After all the fun, enjoyment and excitement on the streets, the people will make some tasty Holi dishes. such as a deep fried sweet dumpling filled with condensed milk and dry fruits, and Thandai, a cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar, and many more varieties.

why you should celebrate Holi

  1. Add vibrant color to a black and white world in your life.
  2. Let loose, live a little and find your inner childhood.
  3. Celebrate the arrival of spring and new beginnings of your life.
  4. Commemorate love, passion, enjoyment, and unity.
  5. It Proves that colors really speak all the languages it has no words.
  6. Laugh uncontrollably; after all, laughter is the best medicine for your life.
  7. Revel in the cheerful music and amazing atmosphere.
  8. Create new memories with loved ones as well with your family.

Holi Around the World

Holi in India
Holi in India

There are many places in India to celebrate Holi and each place has their unique take on the festivities. It is not only observed by India only but it is equally famous among those outside the country.

  1. Barsana Holi
  2. Maharashtra
  3. Rajasthan Holi
  4. Punjab
  5. West Bengal Holi
  6. Delhi
  7. Gujarat Holi
  8. Kerala
  9. Bihar Holi
  10. Goa
  11. Usa Holi
  12. Uk

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Barsana Holi

Lath Mar Holi
Lath Mar Holi

In Uttar Pradesh, Holi in India is a celebration is more or less just the same way as in its neighboring places like Matura, Vrindavan, and Barsana. In Barasana, many people celebrate Lath Mar Holi in the Radha Rani temple. Where women beat up men (husband) with sticks and men protect themselves with shields. They sing a Holi song and shout “Sri Krishna” in Vrindavan and Mathura the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The festival is celebrated with puja and worship Lord Sri Krishna. In Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan or Mathura on the Ekadashi before Holi, the city celebrates Phoolon wali Holi where flowers are thrown at the devotees.

Maharashtra Holi

Rang Panchami
Rang Panchami

Mumbai celebrates Holi like the North Indians, colors are reserved for Shimga or Rang Panchami, which comes five days after Phalgun Poornima in Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, Holi in India is the celebration that includes Matki Phod which is full of buttermilk or other dairies is hung with a rope in the top of the street. Then the group of boys and men form a pyramid by balancing on each other’s backs or shoulders to reach the pot as well break the pot with the top person’s head, while girls and women surround the human pyramid, singing a  song and throw colored water to them to distract them and make their job very harder. In Maharashtra, Holi is called Shimga or Rangpanchami.

Rajasthan Holi


Rajasthan Holi is very popular for a holiday destination and for foreign tourists, places such as Pushkar and Jaipur. Holi in Rajasthan which is usually celebrated by elephant and its called Elephant Festival. They celebrate Holi doing elephant beauty contests, elephant polo, and elephant dance. It is a traditional procession of elephants lovingly painted and beautifully decorated with glittering ornaments and embroidered velvets.

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Folk Traditions in Rajasthan

  1. Mali Holi
  2. Gair at Godaji
  3. Dolchi Holi at Bikaner

Punjab Holi

Hola mohalla
Hola Mohalla

At Punjab, Sikhs celebrate Holi in their own style and they call it “Hola Mohalla”. They also exhibit their martial arts specially called ‘kushti’ on that day and make merry with the colors in the evening. At first, it was organized by Sikh Guru Gobind Singh to celebrate Holi. They prepare Mouthwatering halwas, puris, gujias, and of raw jack fruit and malpuas are of course are eaten and served to others, an essential part of the Holi festivities. The celebrations of Holi by the Sikhs differ from the entire country in many different ways, in Punjab difference is that they do not light a bonfire.

West Bengal Holi

Dol Jatra
Dol Jatra

Similar Holi, in West Bengal and Odisha the Dol Jatra celebrations in West Bengal and Odisha are dedicated to Lord Krishna only. But their the mythology is different. The celebration of Holi in Shantiniketan, West Bengal is called as Basanta Utsav and it was started by famous Bengali poet and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He introduced the Holi in India festival as an annual event in his Vishva Bharati University. and that day students dress up in spring colors and make a huge cultural program for visitors, including various dances to Tagore’s songs. In West Bengal Holi is called by the famous name of ‘Dol Jatra’, ‘Dol Purnima’ or the ‘Swing Festival’. All this happiness, colors, and joy of West Bengal makes it the best Holi celebration in India.

Folk Celebration, Purulia, West Bengal

Chhau dance
Chhau dance

Purulia situated in the state of West Bengal, the celebrations that take place in the rural district of Purulia. A folk festival takes place over the course of three days with traditional music and dance performances, including many tribal dances of chhau, an athletic mix of martial arts and acrobatics. It was organized by the local community, the festival is an immersive way to discover the unique cultural traditions of Bengal while celebrating Holi with the usual color throwing.

Delhi Holi

Delhi Holi
Delhi Holi

Special Holi in India festival events with music, rain dances, and colors that are organized in large cities across India like Delhi and Mumbai. It’s much possible to celebrate Holi with a local Indian family in Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere in India. Delhi People Celebrate Holi in the streets, spread colored powders and water to each other, sing and dance, and enjoy Holi delicacies, and say “Holi hai”. The best place to celebrate Holi in Delhi is neighborhoods in South Delhi, where you can join the wonderful traditional celebration.

There are also many Holi parties with live concert, performances, music, dance, colors and more held in many different places in Delhi. If you are from another country must join the Holi Cow Festival, also called as “Holi Moo Festival”, is popular for modern-day Holi celebrations in Delhi. The environment is safe, and non-toxic colors are provided, along with bhang lassi, and street food.

Gujarat Holi

dahi handi
Dahi Handi

Holi in Gujarat is a vibrant celebration with the chants of the folk song-‘Govinda ala re, Zara matki sambhal Brijbala..’. People in Gujarat, especially the youth of the state are high on the spirit of the Holi festival. Here people celebrate Holi to break pots of the milkmaids and get some exciting cash and prizes and also walking across the hot coals of the fire. One place in Gujarat where it happens is Saras village near Surat.

Kerala Holi


In Southern India, Holi celebration is not the same as the north India celebrate. Kerala, which lies in the Southern part of the country. In southern Kerala, Holi is known with the name, Manjal Kuli or Ukuli and it is celebrated in Gosripuram Thiruma’s Konkani Temple. It is the south traditional celebration that is prevalent amongst the Konkani and Kudumbi communities in the region. They play Holi with yellow turmeric powder. The Kudumbi community is the actual inhabitants of Goa, who, upon being persecuted by the Portuguese, fled from Goa to Kerala.

Bihar Holi


Holi is celebrated with the same fervor and charm in Bihar and Jharkhand. They put dung cakes, the wood of Araad or Redi tree and Holika tree, grains from the fresh harvest and different wood leaves in the bonfire. And Next day they play Holi with colors at some places people also enjoy playing Holi with mud. Folk songs are sung at high volume and people dance to the tune of dholak. Holi is Popular known as Phaguwa in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Goa Holi

Sigmo Holi
Sigmo Holi

In Goa, Holi in India Festival is a part of a more extensive and this spring festival named as Sigma. It includes Holika Puja and offering gulal (color powder). Shigmotav is highlighted with performances in the form of parades and cultural dramas. and is a vibrant festivities including traditional folk dances, parades, street performances and colorful processions apart from the playing with colors.

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USA Holi

USA Holi
USA Holi

Every Color Festival is a rain or shines Occasion, Holi festival is important for the Indian subcontinent, but today, it’s put down all around the world, even in the United States. In fact, “festival of colors Holi ” followers, like Festival Of Colors in the USA also, they organize Holi occasions across the country every year, throwing a color powder enjoying parties and events in California, Nevada, and many more feature live music, yoga, dance, and traditional Indian songs and Food. Here are some of the Holi events in different places…

Festival of Colors in Los Angeles, CA

Saturday/Sunday, March 9/10, 2019

Saturday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Whittier Narrows Park, The Meadows

750 S. Santa Anita Avenue

South El Monte, CA 91733

Festival of Colors in Riverside, CA

Saturday, March 16, 2019

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Martha McLean Park

5759 Jurupa Ave

Riverside, CA 92504

Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, UT

March 30 & 31, 2019

Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple

311 West 8500 South, Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Festival of Colors in San Fernando Valley, CA

Saturday, April 6, 2019

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Woodley Park

6100 Woodley Avenue

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Festival of Colors in Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, April 13, 2019

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Sunset Park  2601 East Sunset Road

Las Vegas, NV 89120

Festival of Colors in Ogden, UT

Saturday, May 25, 2019

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


West Stadium Park

1650 South Jefferson St

Ogden, UT 84404

Festival of Colors in Salt Lake City, Ut

Saturday, June 8, 2019

11:00 am – 5:00 pm


Krishna Temple

965 East 3370 South

SLC 84106

Festival of Colors in Reno, NV

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Rancho San Rafael Regional Park

1595 North Sierra

Reno, NV 89503

Festival of Colors in Sacramento, CA

Saturday, September 28, 2019

11:00 am – 4:00 pm


Southside Park

2115 6th Street

Sacramento, CA 95818

UK Holi

UK Holi
UK Holi

The Holi Festival of Colours in London has been recognizing that it is the largest Holi celebration in Europe for the past five-six years. Expect fantastic events and amazing live music as over 100,000 Londoners come together for a day of Holi celebration. Tickets for this event cost is £30. There are many events and shows so, these are the best ways to enjoy Holi in the UK.

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Holi and Bollywood in London

Date and time: Sunday, March 20, 11am-4pm

Location: Hounslow Heath Golf Club, TW4 5DS

Price: adults £15, child (5-12 years) £5

Land of colors in London

Date and time: 1 pm Friday, March 18 to 3 am Saturday, March 19

Location: STUDIO 338, 338 Tunnel Ave, Boord Street, SE10 0PF London

Price: early bird tickers from £30, including one packet of color

Holi Hungama in London

Date and time: Sunday, March 20, 11am-4pm

Location: Lord’s Cricket Ground, NW8 8QN

Price: from £40, under 10s £25, under 5s free

Festival of Colors in Scotland

Date and time: Saturday, April 3

Location: Ashdale Hall, Westhill Drive, Westhill, Aberdeen, AB32 6FY

Price:  Online tickets are sold out but £5 on the door. n-door

Festival of Colors in Manchester

Date and time: Sunday, March 20, 1-4pm. Colour-throwing until 2 pm; after that food and activity stalls take over.

Location: Platt Fields Park, Manchester

Price: free

Regional Names of Holi

  1. Dulandi Holi
  2. Rangpanchami
  3. Basant Utsav
  4. Dol Purnima
  5. Lathmaar Holi
  6. Hola Mohalla
  7. Shimgo
  8. Kaman Pandigai
  9. Phaguwa Purnima
  10. Yaosang
  11. Khadi and Baithaki
  12. Manjal Kuli or Ukuli

Holi Recipes

Holi Food
  1. Bhang
  2. Thandai
  3. Gujiya
  4. Malpuas
  5. Bhaang ki Pakori
  6. Gol Gappe / Paani Puri
  7. Dal Kachori
  8. Paapri Chaat & Dahi Bhalla
  9. Masala Channa with Baked Kachori
  10. Gulab Jamun
  11. Dahi Vada
  12. Namakpare
Holi recipes


  1. Taj Mahal
  2. Varanasi
  3. Jaisalmer
  4. Kochi
  5. Jaipur
  6. Darjeeling
  7. Goa
  8. Amritsar
  9. Mumbai
  10. Shimla
  11. Udaipur
  12. Kolkata
  13. Jodhpur
  14. Khajuraho
  15. Fatehpur Sikri

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Hindu Holidays

Saturday Feb 09, 2019 Vasant Panchami
Monday Mar 04, 2019 Maha Shivaratri
Wednesday Mar 20, 2019 Holika Dahan
Thursday Mar 21, 2019 Holi
Friday Mar 22, 2019 Hindi New Year
Saturday Apr 06, 2019 Ugadi / Telugu New Year
Saturday Apr 13, 2019 Ramanavami
Sunday Apr 14, 2019 Tamil New Year
Monday Apr 15, 2019 Bengali New Year / Bihu
Monday Apr 15, 2019 Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / Vishu
Friday Apr 19, 2019 Hanuman Jayanti
Tuesday May 07, 2019 Akshaya Tritiya
Monday Jun 03, 2019 Savitri Pooja
Thursday Jul 04, 2019 Puri Rath Yatra
Thursday Aug 15, 2019 Rakshabandhan


Tuesday Jul 16, 2019 Guru Purnima
Saturday  Aug 24, 2019 Janmashtami
Sunday Sep 01, Begins on 2019 Onam
Monday Sep 02, 2019 Ganesh Chaturthi
Monday From Sep 29 to Oct 07, 2019 Navratri
Monday Oct 07, 2019 Durga Puja
Tuesday Oct 08, 2019 Dussehra
Sunday Oct 27, 2019 Diwali
Saturday Nov 02, 2019 Chhath Puja
Tuesday Nov 12, 2019 Gurpurab
Wednesday Dec 25, 2019 Christmas


In this Above article, we give you information about the Holi festival of colors India or Holi Around the World. and the story behind Holi festival (Holika Dahan) or why you should celebrate Holi. Each state gives you a unique flavor of the Holi festival and the delicious food that is prepared on the occasion of Holi festival. We also Give brief information about how other countries enjoy this Holi festival.

If you like this Article let us know your view in the comment below and doesn’t forget to share, we’d love to hear your suggestion on which Holi Places in India (Holi Festival 2019) you liked the most. Let us know which ones you’ll be visiting – and give us your reviews when you get back!

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